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5 Quick On-Page SEO Tips

Tuesday 10 May 2011 | Neil

Within the UK, Google has a very big percentage of the market share (85%) with Yahoo, Bing and Ask sharing the other 15%. So you can see why it is important to get your website listed within Google. I have come up with my top 5 tips that can head increase your ranking just by changing a few details on your website.

  • Tip 1. Use no more than 80 characters within the Title meta tag, and make sure you state what the page is about.
  • Tip 2. Never use the h1 and h2 tags more then once on a single page, as this can cause a negative mark against that page.
  • Tip 3. Make sure your navigation is simple and not to complicated, so Google can crawl your site more easily.
  • Tip 4. Using Flash is a great way of creating interesting websites; however Google had yet to come up with a way to read text which is embedded into the flash. Also Apple have stopped supporting flash on their products, so you will be losing a large percentage of audience share.
  • Tip 5. Make sure you include a sitemap on each page, this will help Google navigate around your site, and help get more of your website pages listed quicker.
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