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Bing integrates Facebook into Search

Tuesday 24 May 2011 | Neil

A new feature has been introduced to Microsoft’s search engine Bing, which allows it to integrate with Facebook. This is to help users navigate search results through the ‘likes’ of their friends on Facebook.

So to take advantage of this new tool, you will have to be sign-in to your Facebook account whilst searching within Bing, which shows users what sites and services their friends have used and recommended within the search results.

Google did a similar move to incorporate social media into their search result by displaying Facebook and Twitter feeds. However this move by Bing goes one step further by displaying comments from Facebook users underneath the search results.

Microsoft clearly wants to use the vast amount of data amassed by Facebook, which now has around 600 million users worldwide, by using social media to give a more personal review from friends and family known as the "Friend Effect" into its search engine results.

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