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Google launches Social Button

Monday 13 June 2011 | Neil

This week Google has launched the +1 button, its answer to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button. You will be able to see this within natural search engine results, however currently it is only on The idea is to allow users to recommend web pages they found to be useful or of interest. This new recommendation will also be used by Google to help determine search engine results rankings. It will be visible on search engine results, individual web pages, and also on Google users profile pages.

Webmaster are able to add the Google +1 button onto their sites, Google have create a code generator that will allow webmasters to customise the buttons appearance to suit the website it is being added to, it also comes available in 40 languages, however the recommendation will only appear on English based search results.

Social is becoming one of the main players within internet marketing techniques to help increase websites presence within search engine results. Google +1 button is to compete with other social media, such as Fackbook’s ‘Like’ button. Google +1 button has the potential to affect your website ranking within Google search engine results, which will have a bearing on the increase of click through rates, with more people clicking on highly recommended websites. This new social button is set to affect search traffic in a big way, it now up to internet user to embrace Google +1 button which could see the start of Social Search taking off.