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Using Twitter for Business

Wednesday 22 February 2012 | Neil

Twitter is a micro blogging platform, which more and more companies are starting to utilise to help grow their business online. It is reported that Twitter has over 475 million registered user accounts, and is estimated to hit the 500 million users by March 2012.

So from this you can see that Twitter is becoming a major marketing tool for many companies to help grow to a new audience. Many companies use twitter to promote services or products, whether this is via direct messaging or constantly tweeting links to their website. This method can be seen as spam, and the only thing you are likely to achieve is your followers to un-follow you.

You need to build trust amongst your followers, you need to interact with them, build relationships with your followers, provided them with useful information and tips, help people by retweeting their tweets, this will help to build a community of business helping each other.

So before you jump in, it is wise to sit down and produce a Twitter marketing strategy plan. I will be posting an article regarding this shortly so keep a look out for it. Once you have your plan you need to keep to it, and take into account the following 3 areas of how best to use Twitter for your business.


Twitter is a social networking site, so be social and see what other businesses are out there; that you wouldn’t normally be able to communicate with. Twitter is all about networking with other like minded people who want to be part of a community to help each other. It is also a great tool to find companies in your industry and see what content they link to. It may be wise to retweet as it could be useful for your followers.

You have to remember you are trying to build trust in your followers, so by helping your followers and not expecting anything back will be more rewarding, and you will build a loyal followers base, who in turn will hopefully return the favour.


Twitter is a direct messaging marketing tool, which can reach people locally or millions worldwide. So the platform should be used in your marketing strategy to promote your company, and should be mentioned on all company stationary and online signatures.

The basis for your twitter marketing is to increase your twitter followers this can be done by using some specific tools such as Twellow and Tweepi, to follow people in your business sector.

Use twitter to promote special offers or deals, if your company blogs make sure you tweet each new blog, and make sure you have social media buttons on your content so visitors can also share your content.

If you promote events make sure you use twitter to spread the word, and also use a # tag to help promote your event during the day. If you use other social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn use the Twitter apps that are available to integrate your social media output.

So to conclude you need to constantly promote your content and make sure your content is sharable for your followers to pass on to their followers, but the main thing to remember is the content has to be useful to your followers.

Customer Service

Nowadays more and more brands are starting to use twitter for customer service. Companies are able to listen to want customers are saying about your brand and have the ability to respond in a quick and direct manner to help the customer resolve an issue they maybe having. So it is a great way to engage with your customers and also turn any unhappy customers into a happy customer who will promote your brand.

It is always good to watch conversation and can give a good indication of your brands reputation online in social media; this method is passive, so good customer service has to be active. So to get started you will need to make your Twitter presence known by displaying it on all your marketing material and have it visible on your website. Invite users to follow you and state you are here to engage with them via social media if they have any problems with your brand.

If you do use Social media for your customer service it is also to take into account the staff members that will be representing your brand, it’s not good to let your latest job placement or intern replying to your users. You need a dedicated team that has been trained for the role as these will be the people speaking for your brand.